WeLink is very valuable to women in China and abroad. It gives them a place to learn and grow, but most importantly, to be themselves. Our network pushes women to look beyond common ways of thinking, find their niche, and live the life that they love.

Irina Zhou, Head of Shanghai Programming

Irina Zhou is an alumna of the Graduate School of Education in the University of Pennsylvania. She has professional experience in teaching K-12, college level and adults, in addition to working in education consulting, media communications and inter-cultural institutions. She has held Chinese lecturer positions at the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University and Saint Joseph’s University. She also worked as an ESL professional teacher at many organizations. Her personal interests lie in combining education, culture, and business to better serve students and educators in bridging gaps in understanding and overcoming learning obstacles. She is really excited to utilize her background in education to mentor the women in WeLink across industries.